Securely Store and Share Your Personal Documents

Whether you're moving to another country, applying for a mortgage or downloading the latest FinTech app, everyone wants your documents. Taonga let's you store and share these documents securely.

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Always With You

If you have your phone with you, you've got access to all your documents. No more 'I'll do it once I'm home' and then forget about it.

Quick Access

Copy your passport number or drivers license number in 2-clicks. No more trying to read the number off a bad photo.

Privacy by Design

We believe your data is your treasure, and that's what we focus on as we build every feature.

Flexible Document Support

Taonga already supports many document types such as passport, drivers license or birth certificate. We're adding more document types to make the app even more flexible.


(coming soon)

Securely share your documents with your family, friends and other businesses.

Expiry Notifications

(coming soon)

Never forget to renew your passport again! We'll send you reminders to update your expiring documents with plenty of advanced notice.

Security By Design

Taonga is designed with the safety and privacy of your data in mind. The documents you store in Taonga is encrypted before it leaves your phone, and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. This means we can't see, share or sell your data.

Client-Side Encryption

Your data is end-to-end encrypted. We use PBKDF2 for password stretching, and AES encryption. Only you have access to your encryption key, which means only you can encrypt and decrypt your documents.

Encryption in Transit

Across our site and app we use HTTPS to encrypt all data in transit. This prevents bad actors from intercepting or modifying your data.

Encryption at Rest

All data is stored using Amazon Data Centers. Your data was encrypted before leaving your device, and is additionally encrypted at rest.

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